ajabu! is all about collaborations and exchange between various kinds of artists from all over the world. We have a vision to challenge and present an alternative to the mainstream and commercialized music scene of today. As well as fighting for more equal opportunities for musicians and artists outside of Europe and the western world. Through the years ajabu! have presented, released and collaborated with artist like Mitú, Tiganá Santana, Maher Cissoko, Lisa Nordström, Ian Lasserre, Sousou & Maher Cissoko, Karima Nayt, Miriam Aïda, Sofi Hellborg, Roman Andren and many more. Established in 2002 ajabu! is nowdays a well-known cultural organisation in Sweden and abroad within the fields of music, film and art both on the production side as well as a renowned label, ajabu! records, and curator for music programming of the international acts at the city of Malmö summer festival Sommarscen.