Sousou & Maher Cissoko

Maher Cissoko and Sousou Cissoko shares a unique musical heritage and destiny which travels through different worlds and musical styles. The combination of the rhythmic energy of the kora, together with intimate vocals makes their music one to remember. There’s a logical explanation to the magic of their music – and that is the story of Sousou and Maher. Some years ago two young musicians in different parts of the world each made a decisive choice to let their music evolve in new places. They shifted continents without knowing about each other.

It was when Sousou was invited by the BBC Music Award winner Solo Cissokho to spend time with his family in Ziguinchor to learn their style of kora playing that she met Maher. “You just take the taxi to Ziguinchor and ask the driver where I live and you will find my home,” Solo said, and that’s exactly what Sousou did a few months later. When she arrived in Ziguinchor, Solo was not there but the rest of the family was and among them Maher Cissoko. Now, years later, they are married and have a small daughter (Who’s also performing on their album Adouna). The story of this young couple is very unique and that is definitely something that shows in their work. In September 2011 they released their second album ”Stockholm-Dakar”(ajabu! records) and since then they have been touring all over the world including an official showcase at Womex 2011 in Copenhagen and concerts in Scandinavia, , Gambia, Senegal, Southafrica, Kenya, Zanzibar, Southkorea and more.